Prescott 2600

Prescott Arizona's 2600 Meeting

Yes, we are still here.

Posted By on April 15, 2014

Alas, no posting. We as a group suck at t3h social media stuff, but we’re working on it. And the check is in the mail too. See you in May.

A good show!

Posted By on July 7, 2012

New people and a great turnout!

This meeting was just drenched in linux 😉

Linux on e-readers, mobile chat devices and laptops galore.

There was one mac…

Thanks for the show and tell everyone. I will post the few pictures I got this time around with as much of a description as I can muster.

There was a lot of energy and excitement and it seemed hard to stay focused on just one topic this go-’round.

Another fun 2600

Posted By on May 6, 2012

Thanks for all of you new attendees for being brave enough to announce yourselves and join in the conversation.

It’s always nice to have new faces.

Plenty of interesting conversations this go-round. It seems that talk of DefCon is already igniting. Who’s going and what will be there is of great interest.

Other popular topics for the event were:

  • Getting out of analogue jobs ant into digital ones
  • Meta materials and “negative” weight
  • Hacker spaces and if there would ever be one in Prescott
  • Projects to improve language as we know it
  • Processes to make manipulating and pronouncing binary easier
  • and others I’m sure I missed 😉

See you next time


Challenge accepted

Posted By on April 7, 2012

Well the event went off swimmingly I am very happy to say.

I was able to snap some pictures which will hopefully be able to act as a draw to those who find us online. Knowing what the location looks like (and at least the clothes of some of the members) should help the more timid of interested people in the area.

Like all 2600 meetings there are no restrictions for age/knowledge/anything as a requirement to show up. If you are interested in hacking, 2600 Magazine, computers and/or software this is a good place to meet up.

Topics I remember covering this event:

  • How badly Windows 8 is going to suck
  • Gentoo Linux
  • Slackware Linux
  • the Sharp Zaurus and it’s utility
  • trying to figure out how to make an HTC shift useful
  • Palm OS and devices
  • Psion devices and the EPOC OS
  • the old 8086 IMB systems and DOS4
  • Diesel conversions for CJ-7 Jeeps
  •  1st Gen Honda Insight hackability
  • Toughbook Tablets
  • Microsoft’s OneNote (actually cool)
  • Compiling Android from scratch for devices
  • Smart phone security
  • How many of us were carrying 9mm vs .45 and why
  • Modern firewalls
  • IPv6
  • the Nokia n810
  • the Open Pandora handheld

I had a very good time and am looking forward to the next event.

Thanks to all who came!

Time to generate some content!

Posted By on March 15, 2012

April 6th’s 2600 is coming up and we need to fill these pages.

Some ideas for the event:

  • take pictures (so bring a camera)
  • record audio (so bring a recording device)
  • take notes (so you can post ideas and questions on this site)
  • draw/sketch (on a napkin at a coffee shop… like a true thinker!)

It is time to reverse our role of critics of content into content generators.

See you there.